Some of the beauty trends 2019 you genuinely should experiment with

Are you currently in search of a few new patterns to incorporate into your makeup routine, or would you like to attempt something fully new for a gorgeous transformation? Read these few tips.

Reminiscing our younger years, and on the whole of the early 21st century makeup trends, we are all likely guilty of having some kind of bright eye pencil, generally some shade of blue. Even though black eyeliner is consistently going to be timeless, and you do not have to let go of your signature wing flick, the latest eye makeup trends 2019 may mean that those bright shades may be coming back in fashion. Whether it is an eyeliner, a soft pencil to use on your bottom waterline, or even some funky colourful mascara, why not check out the newest posts on one of the publications distributed by Elle’s US publishing owner and track down a colour to experiment?

Looking at the last few years, the 2010s makeup trends have actually brought one important transformation: eyebrows. Remember back to the 1990s, when the desired eyebrow had to be super thin, and ignore those tweezers: in the last few years, probably inspired by a few specific people with their legendary signature look, eyebrows are actually meant to be big and bold – and natural. If you don't definitely want to spend time learning how to draw on the most desirable bold eyebrows, you can definitely embrace a more natural look, seeing as even celebrities are brushing up their eyebrows for that deliberately “messy” vibe. Look for inspiration in the latest articles provided by Vogue, or its parent company, and discover the best alternative for you!

Right through the entire history of cosmetics, one among the components that has pretty much always been in existence is a type of product for lips: if you take a walk to the non fiction area of any great book shop, like Waterstones which has US owners, and look for any publication on the history of beauty, you will recognise how enduring a trend it has been. And even though in the last few years so-called “nude” lips have been a notable trend, it is no motivation to get rid of that popping red lipstick you merely really love to wear. Actually, gurus in the sector actually have predicted that bold lips will be one of the primary characteristics this year, even just focusing on what celebs chose to show on red carpets. Determine the shade that works for you, and rock that daring lipstick!

When we take into consideration how makeup has changed over the years, it is sometimes about the way colours are paired and matched, whether it be all about the contrasting shades or striving to attain a much more homogenous look. Lately, it seems as if the spring 2019 beauty trends are going for the latter, with countless experts in the makeup world embracing the monochrome look. You can find a versatile product in a shade that you love and which complements your skin, and implement it in several ways.

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